DAMA SS17: The Inspiration, Materials and Design Process


DAMA's SS17 collection was highly influenced by the fearless females of the Japanese Sukeban girl gangs. Emerging in the late 60s, Sukeban girl gangs took over the streets of Japan and were known for the deconstruction of their traditional uniforms. Within these very inconspicuous school girl uniforms, they would conceal their weapons to prepare them for self defense. 

These all girl gangs were brought to light by film studio Toei which launched its "Pinky Violence" series in the early 70s. Norifumi Suzuki’s Girl Boss (Sukeban) films and The Terrifying Girls' High School series soon followed after. 


Inspiration from these films are evident within our SS17 collection. From the untraditional use of pleats, grommets and inlaid hardware; combined with soft and more feminine fabrics. Despite their criminal activity, the unity and courage of the Sukeban girls to stand up to their male counter parts is what struck the overall theme of the collection. 


Due to it being our first collection, we took traditional fabrics and reconstructed them in an unconventional way to modernize the Sukeban uniform for woman of today. 

Within the entire collection, there is a a playful use of shapes and structure that is present. Certain parts of each garment were cut out, which is very noticeable in our Sessilee blazer and Syd bralette. Internal boning and horse hair defined more structure and intricacy within some of the pieces. 


Our creative process was overall inspired by all sights, sounds and senses but are triggered through subcultures and old films.